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PS4 interest doubles that of Xbox One among online consumers


As we rapidly approach the launch of next-gen consoles, more and more attention is given to surveys gaging consumer interest in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The latest, a new online shopper study conducted by digital intelligence firm Compete, seems to indicate that consumers are more interested in the PS4.

The study, organized by Millward Brown Digital and conducted between June and September, found that online shopping interest in the PS4 has outpace that of the Xbox One by a margin of over 2 to 1.

The study also found that three out of four next-gen online console shoppers have considered purchasing the PS4, with 61% considering only the PS4. Comparatively, just 39% have shopped for the Xbox One, with only 27% of that considering only the Xbox One. 12% of shoppers had interest in both the Xbox One and PS4.

"The fact just 12% of these online shoppers have shown interest in both systems, suggests that at least so far the next-generation consoles are attracting platform loyalists, rather than casual gamers," Matt Pac, VP of Retail and Consumer Products at Compete, reasoned. "Given the nearly equal worldwide install bases of the Xbox 360 and PS3 (estimated at nearly 80 million each) the interest advantage currently held by Sony’s PS4 may well subside as the general public tunes in as the pre-launch hype builds."

Compete's findings back that of a recent holiday poll from Reuters/lpsos which also indicated that gamers are more likely to purchase a PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. As it currently stands, both systems have sold out at numerous retailers so we should expect fairly large numbers for both at launch.

The PlayStation 4 will have its turn first as its set to release in the United States on November 15th for $399. The Xbox One will follow a week later on November 22nd for $499.

Let us know which next-gen console you prefer in GameZone's very own poll.

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