PS4 having trouble ejecting discs

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Sony has acknowledged various reports of users having trouble ejecting discs from their PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet been able to find a specific cause for the issue, but you can help them out by answering a few of their questions. If you are experiencing this or a similar case, head over to the PlayStation forums and answer these questions:

  • What title were you trying to eject?
  • Were you installing any game data at the time?  
  • Did you see any game or system notifications beforehand (Ready to install notifications, error messages, etc.)? 
  • What troubleshooting steps did you attempt?

While the thread continues to grow with reports of the issue, Sony has maintained that the number of affected PlayStation 4 units represents "less than .04% of shipped units to date," which is within the company's expectations for a new product introduction. In the meantime, if you do find yourself with a disc stuck in yoru PS4, Sony recommends trying to remove it manually; they've even provided step-by-step directions on how to do so.

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