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PS4 has a Red Line of Death, shuts down to prevent overheating

Red line of death

The dreaded Red Ring of Death. Easily a gamer's worst nightmare. When you saw those red lights flashing, you knew you were doomed. It looks like we're not ready to escape that dreaded color just yet.

During a PS4 event in Spain, an attendee snapped a picture of a PlayStation 4 encased in a plastic case, showing a red glowing line instead of the standard blue one. This was his statement translated from Spanish.

It had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a message on the screen saying that the console had a very high temperature. The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal color.

Unlike the RRoD, the Red line of Death or RLoD doesn't look to be the end of the system. All it's saying is that it needs to cool down. This is probably a good time to warn potential PS4 buyers to keep their systems ventilated.


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