PS4 game pre-loading coming in April, inFamous: Second Son developer suggests

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - PS4 console

InFamous: Second Son is due out tomorrow, Friday, March 21. At midnight Pacific Time, the PlayStation Store will be updated to allow you to purchase the game and begin downloading it; but, unfortunately, PlayStation 4 doesn't yet support pre-loading (downloading and installing the game ahead of release so you can play it the second it releases). That could change in April, according to Second Son developer Sucker Punch.

"No preload on PS4 until April and for North America," Sucker Punch said in response to fans asking about pre-loading Second Son. "The [PlayStation] Store will update at midnight PST... so 3am EST."

Sucker Punch couldn't confirm if this applied to SCEE regions as well, but they did say "yes" to SCEA.

If Sucker Punch is correct, it's possible that the upcoming PS4 firmware update, which will drop HDCP restrictions among other things, will also enable pre-loading as well. Although, Sony didn't mention the feature in yesterday's brief teaser.

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