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PS4 exclusive, Rime, was originally pitched to Microsoft


Rime, the intriguing PlayStation 4 exclusive title from Tequila Works, was originally pitched to Microsoft. Allegedly leaked documents from Microsoft's XBLA submission processes reveals more details about the pitch, which was eventually rejected by Microsoft.

The game was originally called Echoes of Siren and was pitched as an Xbox LIVE and Windows 8 release. According to the document, Tequila Works called for $3 million in partial funding to bring the game exclusively to Xbox LIVE, then an additional $40,000 for Windows 8.

In the pitch, Echoes of Siren (now Rime) is described as a "3rd person isometric Action RPG with a great deal of exploration, crafting, survival, and hero defense," comparable to Orcs Must Die! The elevator pitch reads: "Gauntlet meets Minecraft meets Jason meets the Argonauts."

“As the darkest legends go, there is a far-off island where evil spirits inhabit and they are able to terrify the most determined and brave heart. It is known as Ecos; the damned island," the pitch continues. "Not always it was thus. At another time a great civilization was developed in it. Their inhabitants bloomed until becoming a lighthouse in the dark. History became legend. Legend became myth. Many looked for the island and its secrets. Now, their bones and empty fortresses remain as a reminder of their imprudence.”

During the day, players hunt, craft, find shelter, look for allies, stock up and prepare defenses. At night, players fight off supernatural enemies, reload and repair defenses, heal repair weapons.

Given the game's now PS4 exclusivity, it's obvious Microsoft rejected the pitch -- a decision Xbox boss Phil Spencer admits was a mistake.

One man's trash is another man's treasure, I suppose.

[VG Leaks]

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