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PS4 exclusive Let It Die gets new details, death system explained


Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online’s recently detailed their latest project Let It Die, which was revealed in a brief and largely uninformative trailer during E3.Speaking with Joystiq, director Goichi Suda (yes, Suda51) said that the death system of Let It Die is integral to the experience. Players begin with nothing and must defeat other players to gain supplies—essentially simplifying the process seen in other survival games like The Forest and Rush by encouraging players to act aggressively right out of the gate rather than padding the inevitable breakdown of friendliness it with deception. However, when players die, they become enemies in other players’ worlds and vice-versa.

The exact process has yet to be fully detailed, as the studios have remained tight-lipped on the full implications of death. Fortunately, they did show off this handy diagram. In any case, the mechanic is intriguing and could lead to some interesting scenarios of dying almost becoming a boon.

Let It Die will hit PS4s in 2015. 

Austin Wood
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