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PS4 enjoys 'largest console launch ever,' according to analyst


With over 2.1 million units sold since launch, the PlayStation 4 has become the "largest console launch ever."

IGN has obtained a marketing briefing from DFC Intelligence in which the analyst firm notes that "The Sony PlayStation 4 has sold more units in its first two weeks than any other console at launch."

First released in North America on November 15, the PS4 sold over one million units in just 24 hours. A later release in various European countries pushed the total sales of the console to 2.1 million. Back in November 2006, the Nintendo Wii sold 1.6 million units in its first two weeks in North America and Japan, while the PlayStation 2's Japanese launch in March of 2000 resulted in 1.4 million consoles sold in two weeks.

The Xbox One, meanwhile, has also sold an impressive 2 million units in 18 days.

While it's widely accepted that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, DFC acknowledges "Both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One had very successful console launches in November, 2013."

"With 2.1 million units sold in its initial two weeks, the PlayStation 4 became the largest console launch ever," the note continues. Looking ahead, the firm believes "The initial success of the PlayStation 4 bodes well for the future. The PlayStation 2 and Wii went on to be the best selling console systems ever." However, the company "does not believe that the PlayStation 4 will surpass those systems but reiterates its forecast that the PS4 will be the number one system of this generation."

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