PS4 doesn't require PS Plus to record and stream games

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Yesterday, it was reported that the Xbox One's Game DVR -- a feature that allows you to record and upload your gameplay footage -- requires a subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold. As you would expect, PlayStation fans soon bombarded Shuhei Yoshida, SCE President of Worldwide Studios, with questions as to whether the PS4 would require a similar PS Plus subscription to utilize the PS4's recording and streaming capabilities.

"No," was Yoshida's simple response when asked if PS4 game recording and streaming features were exclusive to Plus subscribers. Yoshida reiterated that "all" PS4 users will be able to take advantage of the feature.

As someone who enjoys online multiplayer, I'll be subscribing to PS Plus anyway as it is now required to play PS4 games online.

The Xbox One is due out this November while the PS4 is set to release "this holiday season."

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