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PS4 and Xbox One BioShock Collection possibly outed by Brazilian ratings board

Is it safe to hope yet?


The Brazil Advisory Rating Board recently rated a bundle dubbed BioShock: The Collection for release on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

This marks the second current-gen BioShock remake to appear. In September 2015, a South African retailer listed a BioShock Collection for release on Xbox One and PS4. The retailer had the collection pegged for a November 2015 launch date, but shortly after surfacing, the listing was pulled.

Brazil’s dalliance with Bioshock remakes is equally muddled. For starters, it remains unclear whether the proposed collection will include all three Bioshock games or just the original and BioShock Infinite. After all, BioShock 2 was developed outside of Irrational Games, series creator Ken Levine’s brainchild. This is to say nothing of the existing BioShock Collection, which includes games one and two and is already available on PS3 and 360. What's more, there are numerous BioShock bundles on Steam.  

At the very least, it is possible that we’ll see more from the BioShock IP. When Irrational Games shuttered its doors in February 2014, as Levine left to pursue “a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two,” the series was passed to publisher 2K Marin. Both 2K and Take-Two have repeatedly stated that they plan to do more with BioShock. Whether their plans begin with this alleged collection remains to be seen. 

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