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PS4 a possibility for DayZ, but PC version comes first


DayZ creator Dean Hall is considering bringing his zombie-infested survival game to the PS4, and possibly the Xbox One, but only after the PC version is complete. When asked about next-gen consoles, Hall said he "absolutely" likes Sony's approach to indies.

"Sony lets you self-publish and they don't make you pay for updates," Hall told Eurogamer. "Microsoft requires you to have a publisher. They have no digital distribution strategy and they require you to pay $10,000, or whatever it is, for updates."

Hall has mentioned the possibility of a console version of DayZ in the past, but reiterated "we have to do the PC version first."

"Once we get the alpha out, that's a good time for us to run it up on a [PS4] dev kit and see what happens," he said. As for an Xbox One version, he's still got some reservations about Microsoft's policies.

"I like what I saw on the Xbox in a lot of cases as well. I'm not sh*tting on them. I'm kind of hopeful that Microsoft has just forgot to talk about its indie support. Maybe I'm being a bit naive."

Would you like to see DayZ on consoles?

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