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PS4 a 'great option' for lower-end PC owners, says Warframe dev


If you are the owner of a "lower-end PC," you may want to contemplate buying into the upcoming round of consoles, particularly the PS4 which already has quite a few PC-based titles in the pipeline including Warframe, PlanetSide 2, and DC Universe Online. Maybe EverQuest Next too?

There's plenty of debate as to how next-gen consoles stack up to PCs. Developers and publishers have been back-and-forth on the issue with no clear cut winner. Speaking to GamingBolt, Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair didn't necessarily have a preference, but did say the PS4 could be a nice alternative for those with a lower-end PC.

“I think if PC players have lower-end PCs, the PS4 will be a great option for them to switch," he said. "Hopefully both sides just enjoy the growth of the game and PC players get tons more content from the success on PS4 we hope to get (fingers crossed, looking for wood to knock on).”

Sinclair noted that the PlayStation 4's controller is definitely a benefit for Warframe. "I love the controller and at E3 we showed 'flick' gestures on the touchpad for activating Warframe powers that people seemed to love," he explained. Overall, it seems that Sinclair doesn't have a specific allegiance; he would rather see both sides succeed because, ultimately, that means more players in total for the game.

Do you plan on purchasing a PlayStation 4 this holiday season?

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