PS3 system update 4.65 released

Playstation 3 Screenshot - 1169222

Last last night, Sony released a new system software update for the PlayStation 3.

While Sony is usually vague in describing the features of their software updates, the official PlayStation Twitter explained that this was a "minor" optional update that "improves stability during the use of some features." Unfortunately, we have no idea what features they are referring to, so it's hard to say if you really need this optional update. Gotta love those vague update notes, right?

Of course, I'm sure most PS3 owners are more concerned with PlayStation Network, which was down for the better part of a day following a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Sony has since restored service, postponing the planned PSN maintenance; although, PSN was down again today. It's unclear if it was another DDoS attack, as Sony only confirmed "minor network connectivity issues" across PSN and SEN.

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