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PS3 system software update 4.11 now available


Sony has released an "optional" system software update for the PlayStation 3.  According to Sony, the PS3 system software update 4.11 "improves certain aspects of system software".

Update 4.11 is not mandatory to connect to PSN and is completely optional in the United States in Canada.  You can download the new update by selecting "System Update" from the Settings column on the PS3's XMB.

Sony hasn't detailed exactly what the 4.11 update does, but with the PlayStation Vita on the verge of release, it could be related to that.  The Vita is scheduled to launch in the United States and Europe on February 22nd, but many who pre-ordered have already been able to pick up their Vita.

The previous 4.10 update, which was released last week included, changed the name of PlayStation Network to Sony Entertainment Network and improved the PS3's Internet browser, optimizing the display of content and increasing the accuracy when viewing page layouts.

If you discover any hidden secrets in today's PlayStation 3 4.10 update, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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