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PS3 breaks through five million sales in the UK


It would seem that for every bit of subpar news there's some good news to go along with it (sometimes). Earlier today we reported that the Vita had sold one million units in Japan. That number is by no means extraordinary or even slightly impressive for the period of time which it encompasses (42 weeks).

While the Vita may be chugging along in its home territory, the PlayStation 3 has hit a landmark in the United Kingdom. After previously announcing that the home platform had reached four million sales in France, Sony has just revealed that the console has broken the five million mark.

Sales increased when the new 500GB model launched, helping the PlayStation 3 reach the major feat. Sony saw a 138 percent increase during the redesigned model's launch week alone, which is quite impressive.

The 12GB model is due out across all of Europe tomorrow, and you have to wonder if that will contribute to even more sales.


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