PS3 and PC puzzler Ethan: Meteor Hunter getting Vita port

Screenshot - Ethan: Meteor Hunter

Ethan: Meteor Hunter, an indie puzzle-platformer for PlayStation 3 and PC, is coming to the PlayStation Vita this spring, the developer announced.

The game is a bit like Super Meat Boy meets Braid. It features 50 levels and puzzles that players can solve different ways. Seaven Studio says that players can use the front touch-screen controls to freeze time and move objects around, and the rear touchpad and R button pressed together rotates objects. Seaven also kept the PS3 controls as an alternative.

Leaderboards will span the PS3 and Vita versions. Since they're cross-buy titles, you'll be able to grab both versions for the cost of one.

Meteor Hunter debuted in October last year.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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