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PS Vita to Feature UMD Transfer Service?


Do you belong in the statistic that bought a PSP GO only to realize that you essentially got screwed over by Sony? All of your previously bought UMD's were useless if you sold your previous PSP, and fans were just waiting for some sort of announcement that will let them transfer them to their GO systems. That announcement never came however and many just abandoned their UMD's to various retail stores. Well turns out if you decided hold on to those UMD's or you were smart enough to not actually buy a PSP GO (I wasn't) Sony might have you covered this time around.

Though this isn't a solid confirmation, development head of Sony Computer Enteratinment, Yoshio Matsumoto has hinted that older games, and some previously unavailable (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep anyone?) on Sony's PSN service would be available to download at a special price.

The fact remains that you would still have to pay some sort of fee to be able to play those games. What Sony has to learn however is that since these are digital versions of those games, they definitely need to be at a rate that gamers wouldn't mind paying for, since they're essentially repurchasing a game they already have. The given convenience of being able to play your favorite UMD based games on the Vita is obvious, as no one would want to lug around that and a PSP at the same time, because let's face it, they aren't the smallest of handheld systems.

If this is comes to pass, then Sony is finally figuring things out. There are plenty of Sony fans who to this day are a little taken back by their lack of support for UMD transfers to the PSP GO, and many have downright dismissed the GO entirely because of it.

Expect Sony to make some sort of announcement regarding this feature in the coming days.

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