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PS Vita Pre-Order Lines are Already Massive


Sure the PS Vita doesn't come out till December in Japan, but that's not stopping hardcore fans to start forming lines for the pre-orders that open in just about 2 hours. This shot was taken by our Big in Japan contributor, Richard Eisenbeis (@BiggestinJapan), and as you can see, this was taken way before this 2 hour mark, so imagine the lines now.

Just goes to show that people cannot wait to get their hands on Sony's next amazing handheld. Let's see how many fans in the US will be able to resist importing their Vita from Japan.

I myself am extremely stoked for the Vita. The advances in handheld technology that Sony has made is quite astounding. Sony is also figuring out its customers by apparently offering a Service That Will Let Fans Transfer Their UMDs onto the Vita, so if anything, it's on track to be quite the amazing handheld.

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