PS Vita enjoys potty humor; Men's Room Mayhem coming to the handheld

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In a post to PlayStation Blog, Phil Gaskell -- of indie publisher Ripstone -- announced that Men's Room Mayhem is a fun indie title coming to the PS Vita. 

Working together with Sawfly Studios, Men's Room Mayhem uses touchscreen controls as you try to keep a chaotic bathroom in order. As the janitor, you are responsible for directing patrons, getting them to urinals and cubicles in time, and cleaning up their messes if you don't. Like Flight Control, you draw paths for each patron so that they won't bang into each other. As you advance, waves increase and people pile up.

Unlike typical men's room behavior, you get extra points for hygiene. There's also men's room etiquette; you'll get more points if you leave a space between urinals, because nothing is more awkward than you being on the end of three empty urinals, and a random guy walks in and chooses the one next to you. Next thing you know, you make accidental eye contact, and then there's conversation... and it's just a nightmare. 

men's room mayhem bathroom etiquette

There's no date or price yet for Men's room Mayhem, so stay tuned for more information.

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