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PS Plus: Remember Me free tomorrow for PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken for Vita


Another week, another round of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Although Outlast remains this month's sole free PS4 title, another round of free games are hitting the PS3 and Vita.

For PlayStation 3, PS Plus subscribers can download Capcom's Remember Me tomorrow. I had the opportunity of reviewing this game when it first came out and while I appreciated some of its unique features -- like the create-your-own combo system -- many of the game's other aspects failed to captivate. The result was an entertaining game but hardly a memorable one. It's still worth a playthrough -- especially if given away for free. 

Remember Me is the third and final game being offered for free this month for PS Plus members. You can still download Payday 2 and Metro: Last Light, along with tons of other games previously made free (BioShock Infinite, Dyad, Binary Domain), from the PS Store.

On the handheld side of things, Vita owners will get Street Fighter x Tekken. I've never been much of a fighter fan, but any time you take two iconic games and combine the characters, it's going to be a good time. Plus, you can play the Vita version against those who own the PS3 version.

Looking ahead (because that's what we do in the gaming industry), Sony has yet to announce its March lineup of PS Plus games; however, a recent leak indicated that PlayStation Europe gamers will get Tomb Raider and Brothers: A Tale of Two Son for PS3; the PS4 game is rumored to be Dead Nation, which hasn't even been revealed as coming to the new system.

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