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PS Plus members can now try Mass Effect 3 for free

Note the word 'try'

You might be hearing reports of Mass Effect 3 being free on the PlayStation 3 for PlayStation Plus members. In a way this is true. While the game is technically free, it is actually a free one hour trial.

If you download the game as a trial and you choose to purchase the game it will require a re-download and there won't be a price discount. The game will cost you $20 (£15.99) like it always does. On the bright side, all of your saves and trophies will be kept.

Once you download the trial, you will be able to play the hour of game time at any point within 365 days of your download. The trial will allow you to (probably) get further than the official demo allows, but one hour to get into the game is a bit rough. Two hours might have been more appropriate -- especially as a full game trial. 

If you have never played a Mass Effect game, the story might not make too much sense...but hey, it's free so why the heck not? It's an amazing game regardless of all the internet's knitpicking.

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