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'Prometheus' deleted scene has the Engineer speaking

prometheus engineer

Prometheus was a polarizing movie, to say the least. It caused a ton of discussion about what the film was about, with some thinking it was brilliant and others thinking it did too much and explained nothing. I, for one, liked the movie, but I still couldn't ignore the argument of those that found fault in it.

When it releases on Blu-ray and DVD next month on October 11th, I'll have more time to dissect the movie with multiple viewings. And while there won't be a Director's Cut (Ridley Scott loves them Director's Cuts), there will be deleted and extended scenes. Probably the biggest question on everyone's mind is ***SPOILER ALERT*** what did David the Android say to the Engineer when he brought Weyland there that caused the Engineer to go slap-happy with David's head? 99.9% odds that we won't have an answer to that until the sequel, and before this deleted scene, we couldn't really measure the response of the Engineer, other than him feeling the urge to kill all humans.

With this deleted scene, we hear the Engineer talk in response to David's question, and he sounds insulted and mad, questioning David right back. It's not English, so again, we don't know what's being said. But I really liked the mystery of not knowing the Engineer's emotion. I feel the scene worked better without the talking, and apparently, Scott did too. I mean, he did remove it from the film.


What do you think — do you prefer the Engineer's silence in the theatrical release or the talking in the deleted scene?

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