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Project Cafe: Hard Drive or Flash Memory?


Until Nintendo makes its big announcement at this year's E3, Project Cafe is open to speculation and rumors. Since we first heard of the code-named console, we've seen screenshots of supposed builds and heard plenty of rumors regarding its specs. A source has just released even more speculative information to Kotaku, detailing the new machine's hardware.

It seems the folks at Nintendo are still not set on using hard drives for their consoles. Rather than featuring the same type of storage device that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 do, Project Cafe is rumored to use internal flash memory. Unlike the Wii, which couldn't hold too many saves and forced players to purchase SD cards (which the new console will also support), Project Cafe will have 8GB of flash-based memory--which isn't bad but certainly pales in comparison with Microsoft and Sony's machines.

The 8GB of memory would allow for plenty of saves for both retail games and digital downloads. Due to the increase in memory, the console will be able to support downloadable patches to games, a feat the Wii is not capable of. Unfortunately, the flash memory capacity of Project Cafe will be limited. At 8GB of memory, downloading full games regularly is pretty much null and void. Big DLC packs would consume the system's memory rather quickly, too.

Rumors also point toward a 25GB disc size for Project Cafe games. That's a major step up from both the current Wii optical discs and the Xbox 360 DVD format. 25GB discs run fairly close to PlayStation 3's current Blu-ray format.

Nintendo has yet to comment on any of these rumors, so as always, don't buy into everything you read about Project Cafe. Official details will be revealed at this year's E3. Aside from games, let's hope the company delves into the console's internal hardware specs.

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