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Project Temporality will start messing with multiple timelines on Steam this month


The name already had me intrigued, but the concept got my attention. Project Temporality is a puzzle game where the player must create multiple timeline versions of himself, to help solve various challenges.

The gameplay trailer shows off a player for instance running to get a key. The time is then rewound so he's back at his original position, but now there are two versions of him; one who will repeat the action from before (getting the key) and the new one, now controlled by the player, to run through the unlocked door. Your brain hurt yet?

The game is built entirely from a custom engine, and is the end result of a dedicated team at Defrost Games working nights and weekends.

Exploring the environment will take you through a story line about human oppression as experienced by people from all walks of life, we feel strongly that stories in games should try to communicate something to the players but without forcing it on them. Some will only see it as a game and some will dig deeper.

Most of all we just hope that you will enjoy the result of our years of evenings and weekends. So, rewind time, split it into parallel lanes and become your own ally!

Project Temporality will be making its Steam debut on May 20th

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