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Project Spark beta is allowing people to (re)create some sweet games


The Project Spark beta has been underway and is already allowing gamers to create (and often re-create) games completely from scratch. The premise is quite simple in theory; build any game you want, be it a third person action adventure game, sidescroller, turn based RPG and more. Shift perspectives and make an FPS. Of course the level of detail will all depend on each person's investment in time.

There have already been some very impressive videos showcase the capabilities of the program, which honestly surpass what I originally thought Project Spark was.

First up is AnAverageRecon's video that showcases a completed game that lets players drive around a map to complete the fastest time. You're thinking, that doesn't sound impressive or complicated. Except the car itself is the real showcase here. It's not a prop in Project Spark, it's actually a car AnAverageRecon has made himself, completely out of primitive objects. You can even view his previous videos that showcase the progress of the car, starting out with the frame. It's some seriously impressive stuff.

And here is a fully functional Portal Gun, complete with first person view and even momentum, also from AnAverageRecon

This game wasn't made by the uploader, credit for Slender goes to B4az1ng4fx2d, and by the name alone, you can probably already tell what kind of game this is. It's pretty impressive that given Spark's kid friendly aesthetics, the game itself is still pretty creepy.

The last two videos are from MrQqtm who recreated Pac-Man, complete with over the top view, coin collecting and power-ups, and then a very bite-sized version of the best part of Crackdown, Orb hunting! Check them out.

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