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Project Spark beta comes to Xbox One in January

Project Spark

A beta for Microsoft's sandbox game Project Spark will begin in January 2014, the company confirmed at Gamescom. It will be available on Xbox One.

This will follow the recently announced Windows 8 closed beta in October.

"Everything will be fully playable on day one [for Xbox One]," Microsoft Games Studios general manager Dave McCarthy said.

Project Spark is free to play and will also come to Xbox 360.

"You'll be able to either use that Crossroads mode to build something really quickly through story choices, you can do the blank slate editor, or you can take games that other people have built and then just edit them for yourself," said McCarthy.

Xbox One owners can use the Kinect to enhance performance with body, face, and voice recording. Players can then assign them to quest-givers as "emotes" and even edit voices to make them sound like monsters, robots, or goblins, for example.

World sizes are "technically infinite," expanding ever outward.

Source: Digital Spy

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