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Project Phoenix gets funded above and beyond initial Kickstarter goal


The Japanese indie RPG Project Phoenix absolutely killed it during its Kickstarter campaign. The project initially asked for $100,000 and ended the month long process with $1,065,000 across 15,802 backers. That’s 1,065% or the original target; preeeetty impressive numbers there.  This game fuses Eastern and Western RPG tactics to make a super RPG/squad based RTS using AAA talent INCLUDEING the very talented Nobuo Uematsu for scores.

  • Due to this massive funding, several of the stretch goals have been achieved including:
  • Double the amount of monsters/character models
  • Uematsu writing the music
  • Detailed cities/towns
  • Character customization
  • Fully exploreable overworld

Hiroaki Yura, Project Phoenix’s producer and director comments:

“Thank you to all of our loyal, passionate fans who’ve marched with us from start to finish!  You cannot imagine how grateful we are for your support! We’ve broken the elusive $1 million mark, and then some, hitting the stretch goal that gives gamers the ability to experience the world of Azuregard on a much deeper level as they explore locales in all their intricacies.  This added dimension will make the Project Phoenix experience all the more fantastic!” 

This game is shaping up to be pretty damn interesting. I fully admit that I want this, I want it bad. I’d even go as far to say that I’m one of those 15,802 backers; good things ahead!

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