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Project Eternity surpasses $2 million; 3 new modes and Godlike races planned for next stretch goal


With Project Eternity quickly hitting its funding stretch goals, Obsidian Entertainment has announced plans to add three new modes. Project Eternity, Obsidians' new isometric, party-based computer RPG, currently sits at about $2 million pledged, meaning fans have earned the player housing stretch goal in addition to the already unlocked goals of a Mac and Linux version, DRM-free option, and bigger story with more classes, races, and companions.

Now, Obsidian Entertainment is planning for the future. With the next stretch goal at $2.2 million, fans can get a new faction, new companion, and translations into French, German and Spanish. But at the rate people are pledging, Obsidian is one step ahead and planned a new stretch goal for $2.3 million pledged — three modes, which includes the ability to turn many of the sub-features on and off on an individual level in an ordinary game: 'Expert Mode', 'Trial of Iron', and 'Path of the Damned'. Godlike races are also in the works.

Expert Mode will "disable all of the common ease-of-use / in-case-you-missed it gameplay elements like the display of skill thresholds, influence/reputation modifiers, and similar "helper" information." Additionally, it will also enable more demanding gameplay elements both in and out of combat.

Trial of Iron is a one-death game type. You have one save game and if you die, your save game is deleted. So have fun with that.

The last mode is Path of the Damned, a "spiritual success to Icewind Dale's Heart of Fury Mode. In this mode, all enemies from all levels of difficulty are enabled and the combat mechanics are amplified to make battles much more difficult.

Multiple challenge modes can be enabled at once as well as the ability to enable and disable the individual sub-features. Additionally, Obsidian is working on Godlike races. Below is a brief description:

These folks have been described previously as being similar to the humanoid "planetouched" in D&D: aasimar, tieflings, and genasi. That is a good high-level description of them, but they are viewed differently by various factions, faiths, and cultures in the world of Project Eternity. Godlike were "blessed" before birth by one or more of the meddling deities of this world. Though their appearances vary, they are unmistakeably otherworldly when anyone gets a clear look at them. Sometimes, the reaction they get is overwhelmingly positive. Many times, the reaction is overwhelmingly not. For better or worse, the physical "gifts" that mark them as Godlike always come with supernatural blessings (and curses) of their own.

There you have it; two new goals to work towardsIf you'd like to pledge towards Project Eternity you can do so on their Kickstarter page.

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