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Project CARS 2 will support Project Scorpio; PSVR mode being considered

Project CARS 2 will support all your fancy technology.

Project CARS 2 will support Project Scorpio; Potential PSVR mode in the works

With all the buzz about upgraded consoles and what not, lots of consumers have questioned what developers will support the new hardware and to what extent. Some developers have gone all in on PS4 Pro while some have somehow managed to make their games run slightly worse. Of course, it's all trial and error as these developers are trying to become familiar with the new tech but it has made some players hesitant to get on board with these upgraded consoles.

One developer that promises to fully support both PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Project Scorpio to the best of their ability is Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios. In an interview with RedBull (yes, as in the energy drink company), creative director Andy Tudor revealed that the team is hard at work at creating the best experience across all platforms. He also teased that Project CARS 2 will include a PSVR mode but can't promise anything quite yet.

Yes, absolutely. We’re all gadget freaks at our studio, so if there’s any wheel, pedal, VR, second-screen apps, triple screen, 21:9 monitors, or consoles, yeah, PSVR, PS4 Pro, and also Microsoft Scorpio, we will always be looking to utilise them in some way. I can confirm that PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will get some sort of improvements, but we can’t really talk about the Scorpio stuff at the moment, because not very much is known. You’ll have to wait until Microsoft themselves reveal more information on that.

With PSVR we can’t confirm that it’s definitely coming, but our team are hard at work on it. The reason I can’t confirm that it’s definitely going to come out is because there’s a lot of work required to get the game running to our standards. Because of the two screens that you need, because of the frame rate that you need to keep up in order for the whole experience to be comfortable, and because of all the stuff we’re throwing into the game: a large numbers of competitors on the screen at the same time, all the weather features, the Live Track stuff that changes things dynamically, all of that adds great gameplay. So therefore there’s a fine balance between what is visually acceptable and what is actually detrimental to gameplay, so we need to investigate it a little more, to make sure there’s no compromise on either end – either in visuals or gameplay. I’m sure there will have to be some sort of compromise, but the team are investigating where that line is drawn in the sand; where that balance is, and that’ll give a determination of where we proceed with PSVR, basically.

Project CARS 2 will release later in 2017.

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