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Project Beast rumored to be From Soft's next-gen Dark Souls

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Great Odin's beard, a new rumor is flying around, complete with (possibly fake) screenshots that hint at a next-gen Souls game. Miyazaki and other senior members of the development team we're not part of Dark Souls II's development, which means they could have been working on a next-gen follow up behind closed doors.

I'm conflicted because this rumor is coming from *gulp* 4chan, but on the other hand these screenshots certainly do scream From Soft's art direction, and could easily be taken for a Souls game.

The title at this time seems to be Project Beast, and while that doesn't point to it being a Souls game, there are some hints at it being so. Specifically in one of the screenshots that has the main character standing in front of what looks like a Fog Gate. Peculiar.

Again, and I can't stress this enough, this is JUST A RUMOR started by pretty much the dirty gutter of the internet, so don't get overly excited for it just yet. But if true... My God...

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