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Professor Layton and the Last Specter to Include Layton RPG


When Professor Layton and the Last Specter launched in Japan back in 2009, gamers had the opportunity to unlock a bonus RPG. Titled Professor Layton's London Life, the unlockable game allowed gamers to create their very own character and interact with various cast members from the Layton series. The game featured a cool Mother 3-like graphical style, and was allegedly a 100-hour game.

London Life seems like the type of bonus that would have remained exclusive to the Japanese release of Last Specter. After all, Nintendo doesn't seem too keen on releasing many of its RPGs in North America. So even though many gamers were hoping London Life would be included in the North American copy of Last Specter, they probably didn't have their hopes up high.

Thankfully, however, Nintendo has decided to include the Layton RPG once Last Specter lands here on our side of the world. Unlike the Japanese version of the game, London Life will be playable right from the get-go rather than being unlocked during play. So those of you who want to check out something different within the Layton universe will be able to do so immediately.

It's good to know that Nintendo decided to keep London Life as a part of Last Specter. Both games look really cool, but I dig the idea of having the chance to play a Layton RPG. Professor Layton and Last Specter will launch for the Nintendo DS on October 17. Watch out for it.

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