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Professional Halo player joins 343 Industries


Eric Hewitt, better known in the Halo community as Team Carbon's "GH057ayame," is ditching the competitive scene and switching sides. That is, he has been hired by Halo developer 343 Industries, presumably to work on the new Halo game for Xbox One.

Hewitt broke is silence over the weekend by uploading a photo of his boarding pass for Seattle, the home of 343 Studios, along with the message, "Ready to get back to work?" His Twitter bio was then updated to say "343 Industries."

Hewitt previously helped create the settings for Halo 4's official competitive playlist, Team Throwdown, and assisted with last year's Halo 4 Global Championship. It's unclear what role he'll have with the studio, but I'd imagine it'd be something related to the new Halo's competitive multiplayer.

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