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Producer Frank Marshall doesn't think Indiana Jones 5 will happen

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All of you Indy fans waiting for a fifth Indiana Jones movie, you might be waiting a while — like, forever. According to Producer of the Indiana Jones franchise — Frank Marshall — we may have seen Dr. Jones for the last time. Marshall has an impressive resume as a producer: The Goonies, Back to the Future, and the Bourne series among others.

Collider had a chance to speak with Frank Marshall about the release of The Bourne Legacy, but they touched on the status a future Indiana Jones film. When asked whether it was realistic to expect another film or if Crystal Skull was the 'last hurrah,' Marshall responded:

I say, for me, [Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is] the last hurrah. I know that yes, we talk about it, but there's no idea, there's no MacGuffin.

If you're wondering what the hell a MacGuffin is, it's a plot device in the form of some goal or motivator that the protagonist is pursuing. It catches the viewer's attention and drives the plot of a work of fiction. And in the Collider article, I've never seen the term used so many times before.

In addition to not having a MacGuffin, there's a few other hurdles in the way of an Indiana Jones 5. Last December, George Lucas told Steven Spielberg that he had a story but no MacGuffin (there it is again). Lucas also announced in May that he was leaving his studio, Lucasfilm, so he can make "experimental movies" in his garage. What a nerd... I KID! About that, Marshall commented, "Yea, no he isn't [hungry to do another Indiana Jones]. And he's obviously passing the baton to my wife, so."

What Marshall is talking about there is his wife, producer Kathleen Kennedy, who was named co-chair and successor to Lucas at Lucasfilm.

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I'd like for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to not be the last Indiana Jones film made. Yea, Harrison Ford is getting up there in age, but the guy still has it. Crystal Skull felt like an Indiana Jones films, and that's all I wanted. People that love the character want to see more of him. And those who complain about the aliens and ending of Crystal Skull: was it really that far out there? At least, any further than any other Indiana Jones plot? It wasn't a bad movie, and I feel like it gets a bad rap.

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