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Pro Cycling Manager 2008, A Second Official Trailer

June 11, 2008


See more of Pro Cycling Manager 2008 with the release of this second official trailer which features track cycling, one of the numerous new features in the 2008 edition.

Track cycling offers totally different gameplay from the 180 classic and stage races. Instead of controlling a whole team, track cycling gives the chance to control one rider and experience the intensity of going it alone. Depending on the type of race (Individual Speed, Keirin or Elimination) you must avoid collisions with other riders, follow the leader or set the pace, increase or decrease energy according to position and finally, guarantee a final sprint to the finish.

Click here to download the Pro Cycling Manager Season 2008 / Tour de France Trailer 2

The 2008 edition is a major step for the famous sport series from Cyanide. In addition to the new track cycling mode, Pro Cycling Manager 2008 features improved racing graphics, a new lighting system, more detailed backgrounds and incredibly realistic rider models and animations. The management aspect also offers more depth and realism due to the new tools and systems available. Plus, for the first time, as shown in the video, you can now compete in professional track cycling.

In Pro Cycling Manager 2008, you become the general manager for one of the 65 official cycling teams and handle all aspects of a professional team’s season. Choose the squad, search for new talent, take charge of races, organize contracts and training schedules and even look after the finances. All these duties will let you experience an intense season.

During the 180 real-time 3D playable races, including the famous Tour de France 2008 which is perfectly rendered, it is up to you to determine the best strategies by combining tactics such as attacks, supplying, relays, leader protection, etc. There is a wide variety of race commands and actions that put you in total control during intense stages.

The new features combined with the already outstanding gameplay of the Cycling Manager series ensure that this is the best experience of the professional cycling world ever!

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