Prison is better than playing your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Screenshot - hands on prison bars

Given the choice between prison time or home detention with the ability to play your Xbox 360, any sane-minded person would choose the home detention. Then again, if you were completely sane-minded, you probably would've never been faced with home detention in the first place.

So I find it funny that a man in New Zealand asked authorities to served the remainder of his home detention sentence in jail. The reason? He was "sick of playing Xbox." '

The New Zealand Herald reports that the 19-year-old called the police to ask to serve out the remaining month of his 11-month home detention sentence in prison. After already serving 10 months at home, he "had run out of Xbox games to play," according to senior constable Paul Nicholas. The 19-year-old told police he would breach his home detention term if he was not taken to jail. 

He does know that he could download new games for his Xbox without leaving his home, right? 

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[New Zealand Herald via Polygon]

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