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Princess on Ice and Now Online

April 23, 2008

Princess on Ice and Now Online

505 Games launches official Princess on Ice website

With a twist, followed by a triple open axel and a wink to the judges, 505 Games today skated over to announce the launch of the official Princess On Ice web site. Due for release on 25th April, Princess On Ice recaptures all the magic and spectacle of figure skating on the portable Nintendo DS format. More information can be found at

The all-new supporting web site details everything a budding Suzanne Shaw needs to know about this Spring’s most coveted DS title. Performing as Kelly, Gabrielle, Alyssa and Madison, players must dance their way from the humble local rink to the world’s greatest arenas, all the way mastering the most spectacular tricks and spins to impress the ever-watchful judges.

Friendship amongst your fellow performers is also key to making your way to the top, and the Princess On Ice web site profiles each of the characters in the game, listing their likes and dislikes, quirks and traits. Tricks and stunts are all performed by using the stylus alone, and the screen shots and exclusive video will explain just how this works in the tried and tested mantra of ‘easy to pick up, hard to master.’

The perfect gift for any mourning Dancing On Ice fan, pre-orders are available now and listed online, along with the soon to be announced competition to win the prize of a lifetime that no skating fan will ever forget!

Princess On Ice will be published by 505 Games on 25th April, exclusively for Nintendo DS, priced 24.99.

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