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Princess Arthur is a game where you date the Knights of the Round Table

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It looks like the PSP is still chugging along. Makes sense: its install and fan bases are both much, much larger than the Vita's. The latest endeavor worth being intrigued by on Sony's older handheld is Princess Arthur from developer Idea Factory.

The main character is a young lady by the name of Alu. After doing the ol' "pull the sword out of the stone" bit, this young girl becomes the king of all the land. Yes, the king.

Anyway, after being crowned king, Alu meets the Knights of the Round Table, and that's when things get all kinds of sexy. You see, Princess Arthur is, well, a dating sim. It's up to Alu to find the love of her life and decide on one of the blokes from the Knights of the Round Table.

Check out our gallery to see the types of Japanese dating sim shenanigans that take place in Princess Arthur. There are girls getting on top of guys, people making out, and dudes looking awkward. The PSP is alive and kickin'!


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