Primal Carnage brings the dino-shooting on October 29

Primal Carnage Screenshot - 1125299

Reverb Publishing has announced the launch date for the multiplayer action title Primal Carnage. As stated on the title of this post which you clearly read, the game will drop on October 29. That's Monday, you guys!

Primal Carnage will be available across various retailers including Steam and GameStop. You can currently pre-order the game, and doing so will immediately give you access to the beta as well as a raptor skin which will be available once the game officially launches.

Players will be able to run around huge environments as either dinosaurs or humans, with five classes assigned to each. Playing as a human will feature first-person perspective, while dinosaur users will engage in third-person action.

If you feel like gunning down dinos or eating pesky humans, you'll get the chance to do exactly that when Primal Carnage launches next week.

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