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Prima Games to issue hardcover strategy guides for Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warrior


The Wii U’s first heavy dose of action—the two-hit combo of spin-off Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2—will be coupled with the release of delectably collectible hardcover strategy guides.

As NintendoEverything reports, creator Prima Games promises “high quality paper and unique cover treatments for collectability,” on top of the expected in-depth look at their two games. Hyrule Warriors’ guide will include an electronic copy, and focuses on unlocking characters and the layout of the game’s large-scale battles.

Everyone’s favorite witch may receive her fair share of character art, but the Bayonetta 2 book will prioritize weapon breakdowns, secret locations and tips for achieving a Pure Platinum (perfect) rank for each chapter.

Both guides are now available for order at Amazon for roughly $30 each. The Hyrule Warriors will release September 26, with Bayonetta 2 marked by a placeholder date of December 31.

[NintendoEverything via DualShockers]

Austin Wood
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