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Prey 2 is not like Prey 2 and more like System Shock and might be in development by Arkane Austin said some guy somewhere

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I have to write about this just because I find it so damn intriguing. I was browsing Kotaku this morning and came across an update-of-sorts for Prey 2. Jason Schreier felt comfortable posting some information on the game from a tipster of his. 

Here's what is essentially going on with the game -- if you can believe unnamed tipsters, that is...

Bethesda has been shopping the game around for a developer for quite some time since Human Head Studios departed from Prey 2's development in late 2011. Now, it appears that the open-world sci-fi shooter is being developed by Arkane Studios, who actually doesn't want to be producing it. Bethesda forced their hand, telling Arkane that they would develop Prey 2, essentially scrapping all of the previous work that Human Head had done and starting from scratch, prepping for a 2016 release date.

The tipster continues that the higher-ups at Arkane Austin aren't happy with the decision, so they're telling the dev team to "forget that it's called Prey 2 and just treat it like a new System Shock," according to the Kotaku post. System Shock inspired games like BioShock and Arkane's last project, DishonoredDishonored has hopes of being a franchise, so it's interesting that Harvey Smith, one of the main designers of Dishonored recently left Arkane Austin for Arkane Lyons. 

Who'd we hear this from? Our second-hand news correspondent Anthony Crispino, who heard it from his garage guy, Lunatic Tom.

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