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Preseason League of Legends balance update 2 patch preview


The long preseason process for League of Legends is coming to an end; season 3 is just a few weeks away from starting. With that said, the precise process that goes into the major balancing of champions, items, and jungle before the new season starts is nearly never ending. The patch that went in today brings those changes to light with all the buffs and all the nerfs attached.

Talon: Riot feels he’s doing just too much damage, especially his ultimate Shadow Assault.  Both the base damage and ratios have been reduced.

Riven: too much of a lane bully. By lowering her HP regen and making the cooldown on her earlier ult longer, she may not snowball as hard after just one kill in lane.

Rengar: his battle roar is changing from % max health to % character level. Also his unique item Bone Necklace now grants 5 AD.

Diana: got a bit too nerfed last patch, she regaining some of that lost strength. Her shield now last a second longer and the range of her pull has increased.

Evelynn: is getting her ult changed. The casting range is now shorter to be closer to her stealth sight range.  Also, it will now work on % current health instead of max %.

Lee Sin: is feeling the nerf bat the hardest. Riot is pulling the armor on Iron Will and Cripple is losing much of its range. These changes will makes him less durable and his ganks slightly worse.

Jungle: is still getting dominated by the AOE jungle champs. For this reason, they’re giving the larger mobs higher HP but they are also increasing the gold output by jungle mobs.

The video for this patch is below, enjoy!


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