Prepare yourself for Riptide with Dead Island for five bucks

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot - Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island Riptide is slowly creeping up on us, and what better way to get into the swing of things (get it?) than by experiencing the game that started it all, Dead Island.

While the first game had its fair share of problems, I personally enjoyed the zombie FPS / Diablo blend that the game offered. Sure more actual gear would have been nice, but finding new and better weapons was always pretty satisfying. Not to mention then bashing said weapon into an oncoming zombie's head. And hey, a 7.5 is not too shabby at all.

For a measly $4.99 on Amazon, you can get your hands on the first game in all its zombie slaying glory, and get the additional Game of the Year content along with it.


Buying the GOTY edition of Dead Island will also secure you an $8 credit towards the pre-order of Dead Island Riptide, scheduled to release on April 23rd. Not a bad hook for those already interested in spraying the floor with zombie blood.

One important thing to note that these are not physical copies of the game, rather downloadable versions via Steam.

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