Prepare your phones; Flappy Bird could be coming back

Flappy Bird Screenshot - Prepare your phones; Flappy Bird could be coming back

I never really got into the whole Flappy Bird craze, mostly because I just flat out didn't care. Plus, the gaming spent on my phone is solely spent on Threes anyway; there just wasn't time for flapping birds. Others, however, are all about the bird of flapping. My Facebook wall seemed to be dominated with high scores.

It's looking like I'll be scrolling through everyone's scores again in the future. 

Engadget is reporting (from CNBC) that Flappy Bird will return sometime this August with multiplayer. In addition, the game's creator (Dong Nguyen) is creating lots of games, including one that involves a guy jumping from building to building. Sounds a lot like a re-skinned Flappy Bird if you ask me, but to be honest I guess you didn't; you just want me to report the news.

Let's hope no one gets fired from playing too much Flappy Bird this time.


Jake Valentine
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