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Mass Effect 3?  Mass Effect 3.  Mass Effect 3!  With only four days left the madness caused by the pure, unfiltered, anticipation, for the this sci-fi, third person, RPG, is near overwhelming.  Can’t wait to boot the bad boy up this Tuesday?  If you preorder via Origin you can be one step closer to achieving this fantasy.

As of today, you can download Mass Effect 3 through Origin.  Sure the game will be encrypted and unplayable until the official release – but you will have it.  Once the game is live there will be no delay.  Saving Earth, nay, the universe will be that much closer. 

Will it be easier to sleep knowing that the game is encrypted on your PC or will that make it worse?  I can’t handle that sort of responsibility.  Be strong.  Soon.

Have more questions about the Origin Preload process, read more from the official site HERE.

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