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Precursor refuses to give up on Shadow of the Eternals

Shadow of the Eternals

Precursor Games has struck out twice now with Shadow of the Eternals. Its second Kickstarter campaign ended last week with less than half the target goal raised for the game, but that failure isn't deterring the developer.

"It is unfortunate that we were unable to crowdfund this project at this time, but we have not given up," the latest update on the Kickstarter reads. "We intend to pursue other avenues with the ultimate goal of having our games come to fruition."

The company thanked its supporters for believing in Shadow of the Eternals, which is the successor to the original survival-horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Unfortunately, Precursor was only able to scrounge together a little over $300,000 when it needed $750,000, and that's already a lower asking price than the previous website and Kickstarter campaigns (over a million each).

"After we take a one week break, we will be upgrading the forum software to help improve the experience of our community," wrote Precursor. "The Order forums will remain open for all those who have pledged on the Kickstarter for the next few weeks."

You have to admire Precursor's spirit, but the question remains, how many attempts will it take before the developer thinks that maybe people aren't interested enough?

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