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Pre-owned Wii U systems let you download last user's games

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Today's What-the-f**k moments is brought to us by Nintendo... of course. While I have been a big supporter of the Wii U, I'm flabbergasted by what I learned today. A NeoGAF user named DSN2K was able to redownload software purchased by a previous owner of a pre-owned Wii U system. The Wii U system was wiped, he set up a new Nintendo Network account, and he was able to download any games purchased by the original owner. 

DSN2K wrote on NeoGAF:

whoever owned the console before me purchased multiple games, meaning all the games he purchased are available to redownload for free....This is with a new account btw I setup as well. Games are clearly linked to Console itself. Advice to those buying a second hand WiiU's...check all the games on the might be in for some "free" games!

Oh Nintendo...

If they just caught up to the rest of the world when it comes to how games are tied to your account, we wouldn't have these problems. Why don't they tie games to the Club Nintendo account?

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[Source: NeoGAF via Destructoid]

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