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Pre-orders for PS4's Killzone: Shadow Fall outpacing Xbox One exclusives, according to analyst


With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both beginning to sell out at retailers, analysts are now turning their attention to the software portion of pre-orders. And according to a new report from analyst Cowen & Co., pre-orders for Killzone: Shadow Fall, the PS4's exclusive first-person shooter, are outpacing any of the Xbox One's exclusives.

As explained by Videogamer, the 2013 Cowen Video Game Odometer is "based on ana analysis of NPD sales data and best-seller data from the past year." The firm claims it gives 96 to 97 percent accuracy, with data being monitored and updated weekly since E3 in June.

Games can apparently receive a maximum score of 100; Killzone: Shadow Fall currently scores 30.3, which is considerably higher than its fellow PS4 exclusives and Xbox One competition.

Comparatively, Forza 5 is at 18.8, making it the top placed Xbox One title. Dead Rising 3 is at 15, followed by Ryse at 13.2. But while Killzone is experiencing great pre-order numbers, other PlayStation 4 exclusives aren't faring as well; Knack scored just 7.7 and Driveclub is barely at 3.0.

To put these numbers into perspective, last year's Black Ops 2 scored a 100 and went on to generate $1 billion in sales in just 15 days. This year's Call of Duty: Ghosts has a score of 73. Meanwhile, its biggest competitor, Battlefield 4, scored 54.7.

Surprisingly, Grand Theft Auto 5, one of this year's most anticipated titles, only scores 58.4; however, Cowen notes that the Odometer doesn't take into account pre-orders prior to June 2013. Rockstar began taking pre-orders for GTA 5 back in November 2012.


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