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Pre-Order X:Men: Desiny And Unlock Emma Frost, Havok, Juggernaut Costumes And Powers


So many choices! Do I get Emma Frost, Havok, or Juggernaut? Thanks to Activision's decision to offer three different superhero sets of pre-order bonuses, I must choose where I purchase the game wisely.

Activision may be offering three different sets, but each superhero set is unique to three separate retailers! Each pre-order bonus unlocks a unique suit and special powers inspired by notable X-Men characters. After unlocking these suits and powers you can equip them on your playable character.

If you pre-order from GameStop you can unlock Havok's energy-based abilities and his TRON-esque costume. is offering Emma Frost's telekinesis and diamond skin. Best Buy offers Juggernaut themed abilities, granting players massive damage and the ability to stun enemies.

So you're telling me to unlock all three of these I have to purchase the game from all three retailers? Oh boy, decisions, decisions. Hopefully the three trailers below can help you make up your mind for which pre-order bonus you are going to choose. They sure didn't help me.

Emma Frost pre-order bonus

Havok pre-order bonus

Juggernaut pre-order bonus

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