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Pre-order the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition and Receive In-Game Bonuses


After announcing the predicted Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, 343 Industries has kept relatively quiet on details of the game. Today, though, Microsoft has unveiled new details of the game that will celebrate ten years of intense Halo action.

In a press release today, Microsoft announced that when players preorder the game from select retailers, they will receive two in-game armor pieces. Below is the description of each preorder incentive:

Master Chief Avatar Armour - Heroes never die, and to honor the 10th anniversary of John 117, you will finally be able to transform your Xbox Live Avatar into the iconic hero by outfitting it with Master Chief's signature MJOLNIR-powered assault armor.

"Grunt Funeral" Skull - An exclusive, game-modifying skull that changes the rules of the game for an explosively humorous experience, "Grunt Funeral" sends "Halo's" most lowly and lovable enemy out in a blaze of glory. And plasma. And then more glory. Once the skull has been activated, every grunt's methane tank will explode like a plasma grenade when killed. Watch out for the grunt chain reaction!

If you are looking for more Anniversary details, check out the behind-the-scenes trailer here.

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