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Pre-order The Secret World and receive exclusive bonuses


The official website for The Secret World lists several advantages to pre-ordering the MMO, due out June 19 from developer Funcom.

Those who pay early will receive beta weekend access from May 11 through to launch, with saved character progress along the way; advanced access to the game, up to four days prior to release; name reservation for your character; an in-game ring called the Screaming Demon, which boosts gained experience in the beginning of the game; a complimentary t-shirt (design not yet revealed); and a pet that increases your combat ability in the early parts of the game.

Amazon's pre-order page (which offers the same benefits) lists the animal as a "Loyal Hound Pet," showing a picture of a dog, while the official game website displays an Egyptian Cat.

Pre-ordering through the game's website also allows customers to purchase optional add-ons: "The Intiate Pack," which contains an item set for $14.99; "The Master Pack," which includes various features and a lifetime discount for $59.99; and "The Grand Master Pack," providing gamers a permanent subscription and other extras for $199.99. Not cheap.

The Secret World costs $49.99 for PC. It's available from additional retailers, including the Origin Store, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart.

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