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Pre-order Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4 and get the 'Shadow Pack'

Killzone Shadow Fall

Sony today announced The Shadow Pack, a bundle of goodies you'll get for pre-ordering Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4. Included in the offer are skins for your OWL sidekick, a special multiplayer celebration, and the official soundtrack to the game.

Below are the official descriptions:

OWL Skin

  • Give your OWL a unique appearance with these exclusive skins. Who says combat drones need to be devoid of personality?

MP Spotlight Move

  • Celebrate your triumphs over enemy players in multiplayer mode in a new and unique way with this special victory move.

Official Soundtrack

  • Listen to the epic cinematic score for Killzone: Shadow Fall as it brings both sides of the conflict to life like never before.

In the same blog post, Sony took the time to detail the OWL combat drone that will fight alongside you in game.

The OWL has several modes of operation you can activate via DualShock 4‘s touch pad: a stun mode, which creates an area-of-effect shock blast that stuns enemies and disrupts electronics; an attack mode, in which the OWL attacks anyone within range or targets a specific enemy; a shield mode, which creates a one-way energy shield in front of you; and finally, a zipline mode, which allows you to quickly and safely reach lower areas.

The OWL can be seen in full action in the video below, which is the same presentation we were shown at E3 last month.

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